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First Sammelan took place at Mangalore from 18th to20th Januaryl2010 .Please visit 
the website of the event www.gsbyuva.com The Sammelan at ERNAKULAM will be a follow up of the First Sammelan.You are welcome to register here


Facilitating complete actualization by unlocking the inner potential of GSB community.

To trigger an overall resurgence and revival of GSB community in all spheres of life and enable it to regain or excel over it's past glory through self introspection, social activation and visionary initiatives.

To educate the youth on the community’s history and heritage and enable them to connect with their roots and develop ethnic pride
To foster survival and continued usage of Mother Tongue Konkani, which is synonymous with the community's ethnic, cultural and social identity

To enlighten the younger generation regarding the  past glory, of the community and its contributions and achievements, prominent leaders and luminaries
To focus attention on the problems, issues and concerns facing the community today and come up with solutions to overcome them
To initiate soul searching within the community’s leadership and give them a platform to identify the community’s intrinsic strengths for future growth

To orient the community to the present social and economic realities in the context of globalised world and equip the samaj to retain its identity while integrating with the society at large
To motivate the youth towards innovation and progressive thinking and harness their latest potential for community’s growth
To create a platform of intellectual interaction and stimulate new thinking in order to break free of cocoon mentality